We are pleased to introduce brand new, state-of-the-art cardiometabolic testing at Soccer Fitness

Here are the details of our exciting new fitness assessments: 


“This means better testing, better training, and better results for all our athletes” 


What is PNOE?  

The PNOE Breath Analyzer allows us to perform Vo2Max testing – the gold standard for aerobic endurance testing in athletes.  

A Vo2Max test measures your maximal oxygen uptake, which relates to your aerobic capacity and cardiovascular fitness.  


How Does it Work?  

The lightweight PNOE device is strapped onto the athlete’s back, and connected to a mask that the athlete wears for the duration of the test.   

Test duration is determined based on each athlete’s level of exertion, and consists of consecutive 2-minute stages, with running speed increasing incrementally in each stage. 


What Does it Measure?  

The test determines the maximum amount of oxygen the body can take in and use during exercise.  

Vo2Max measurements are specific to each individual. Results are taken relative to the athlete’s age, height, and weight. 

The test is also very sensitive to training – the harder you work, the higher your Vo2Max score will be. 


How Do We Use It?  

Starting in January, Vo2Max testing will be done during our pre- and post-training fitness assessments, using our own unique, sport-specific testing protocols.   

With knowledge of an athlete’s Vo2Max, we can further customize programming during all athletes’ training sessions in the Soccer Fitness Training Centre, and in their at-home workouts. 

This means better testing, better training, and better results for all our athletes. 


Find out more about Vo2Max testing or book your assessment today.