Aimed at coaches and Club technical staff the Soccer Fitness Coach education seminar teaches coaches how to incorporate soccer-specific aerobic (endurance) and anaerobic (speed) training into their regularly scheduled on-field training sessions.  We use a science-based approach, teaching and using practical examples of exercises that can be done with the ball in a soccer-specific context.  Our Coach Education Seminar introduces and teaches the following concepts:

  • Training Load (intensity, volume) and how to monitor it
  • Work-to-rest ratios and how to arrange them for both aerobic and anaerobic work
  • Basic session planning and periodization of training
  • how to involve the ball in both drills, and small-sided games

The Soccer Fitness Coach Education Seminar can be scheduled at Trio Sportsplex, at your Club’s location, or at a separate venue.

Contact Soccer Fitness to learn more about our Coach Education Seminar.

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