• The Overtraining Myth – How Under-Training is the True Cause of Youth Sports Injury

    The conventional approach of reducing physical activity levels in youth athletes may seem intuitive, but it ignores one of the root causes of injury in youth sports … unpreparedness for the physical demands of the sport itself.    INJURIES ON THE RISE  Injuries are on the rise in youth sports.    A 2009 study published in the American College […]

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  • COVID-19 UPDATE – Phase 2 Reopening Update

    Updated June 15, 2020 @3:10pm Fitness centres remain closed, but we have training for you!  Over the last few months, members have asked us if we can do one-on-one training. Since Trio Sportsplex and fitness centres cannot open until Phase 3, we can’t jump back on our treadmills just yet. But we got the green light to […]

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    Sports could start up at anytime and you need to be ready. Don’t let social distancing rules and ongoing closures stop you from being as fit as you can be when it’s time to play again. You can still get professional and science-based exercise prescriptions with our new fitness testing and exercise prescription tool – […]

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  • Load Management – The Key to Better Fitness Training

    For more on this topic check out our FREE webinar – Prescribe & Monitor Training Load Without Expensive, Time Consuming & Hard to Use Technology.   Periodization is fast becoming a popular buzz word among soccer coaches and fitness coaches.    Last summer, the city of Toronto became captivated by the Toronto Raptors’ first-ever NBA […]

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