Kicking Mechanics Analysis is delivered using our Dartfish camera-based video analysis software.  Kicking Mechanics Analysis allows athletes to see for themselves any possible mistakes or imbalances that exist in their ball striking technique, and receive video and corrective feedback so that corrections and improvements can be made.

Kicking Mechanics Analysis examines 5 key aspects of ball striking technique:

  1. Approach Angle: The angle of the player’s approach to the ball.  Strategies to maximize the power produced by the approach angle are analysed.
  2. Plant Leg: The action of the non-kicking leg.  Foot position, speed and power of approach, and angle in the hip, knee, and ankle joints,  are analysed.
  3. Hip Rotation: Angular rotation of the hip of the kicking leg.  Strategies to maximize angular rotation are analysed.
  4. Hip Mobility: The range of motion in the hip joint of the kicking leg.  Strategies to maximize the hip range of motion prior to contact with the ball, as well as in follow through, are analysed.
  5. Arm Movement: Movement of the arms and upper body while striking the ball.  Shoulder range of motion, as well as action at the shoulders, chest, neck and head, are analysed.

A Dartfish Media-Book will be given to each athlete who purchases our Kicking Mechanics Analysis.

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