“I have earned a 3rd degree brown belt in karate over the last 10 years.  Year after year my lack of endurance and fitness would hinder me from performing to my fullest and achieving my black belt.  When I first learned of this program, I was unsure that it would be able to benefit me due to its name, “Soccer Fitness.”  Little did I know that this program would be just what I needed to further my endurance and skill.  Although specifically designed for soccer players, the valuable experiences and teachings from this comprehensive program have helped me strive for my goal ever the more.  Since my enrolment in September 2014, my endurance and strength, as well as coordination and running technique, have improved dramatically.  I have improved my speed, bettered my endurance and strength, and have also improved my overall health and confidence.  It is a great program provided by skilled and motivating staff, using reliable and state-of-the-art equipment.  This excellent fitness program will benefit not only soccer players, but anyone who wishes to improve their running technique endurance, or simply their overall health.  I highly recommend this program, for not only has it helped me in many ways, it has also provided me with an unforgettable and life-changing experience.  This program is an excellent choice for any athlete who wishes to improve their fitness, regardless of what sport they play.”

Adam Fiorini

1999-Born Male Karate Athlete