Coordination Training represents one of the 5 components of the Soccer Fitness Training Framework.

Coordination Training involves teaching, analysing, and correcting movement mechanics for different skills that are essential to soccer performance.

This service involves taking a video of the athlete performing the skill, then analysing the video using our Dartfish camera-based video analysis software.  Finally, a DVD/Media Book containing the video, plus suggested corrective exercises, is provided.


We presently offer two types of Coordination Training:

  1. Running Gait Analysis:
    Analysis of a player’s running stride, focusing on foot-strike, hip flexion, pelvic tilt, trunk angle, and arm swing. Click HERE for more info.
  2. Kicking Mechanics Analysis:
    Analysis of a player’s ball striking technique, focusing on approach angle, plant step, hip rotation, hip mobility, and arm movement. Click HERE for more info.

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