Soccer-Specific Training is one of the components of the Soccer Fitness Training Framework.

Soccer-Specific Training is delivered through our On-Field Training and Power Running Series.  Training sessions are delivered in 10-week programs, with 1 training session per week.  Training can be continued throughout the entire 30-week soccer off-season from October to May, as well as the entire 20-week soccer in-season from May to September..  The program is periodized, and progresses from general to specific training, as well as from a low intensity/high volume, to a high intensity/low volume of training.

The Soccer Fitness On-Field Training and Power Running Protocols comprise a comprehensive, soccer-specific strength and conditioning program, carried out on a field, incorporating exercise both with and without a ball.

Each 1 hour Training Session is divided into 4, 15-minute blocks, or sub-components, organized as follows:

  1. Active Dynamic Warm-Up:
    Exercises designed to raise the body’s temperature, and dynamically stretch and activate the major muscle groups used in soccer.
  2. Coordination and Agility Training:
    Exercises teaching movement mechanics in all different directions, and with players competing against each other.
  3. Speed and Power Training:
    Age-specific, and soccer-specific aerobic, speed, and plyometric training, designed to improve endurance, speed, reaction time, stride length and frequency, and explosiveness.
  4. Strength and Core Training:
    Exercises designed to improve muscular strength and endurance in the abdominal and lower body muscle groups.

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