The Six Soccer Fitness Principles of Training were developed using the latest science-based evidence relating to physical assessment and training of soccer players, as well as athletes from other sports.  These Principles form the foundation of all the training programs we develop and implement at Soccer Fitness.

    1. Athlete Assessment, Monitoring and Continuous Improvement
      All Soccer Fitness athletes are assessed using the most current sport-specific testing protocols.  Intensity of training sessions is constantly monitored, and athletes are periodically re-tested with the ultimate goal of continuous athletic improvement.
    2. Functional, Sport-Specific Training
      All Soccer Fitness training programs were designed to be functional to the sport of soccer.  We train the specific energy system, muscles, movement patterns and directions that are required for optimal on-field performance.  We also incorporate the ball for soccer-specific physical work that also helps develop athletes’ technical and tactical abilities.
    3. Science-Based Training
      We use the latest and most up-to-date research from the world’s leading sports science research institutions and studies, including our own testing and training-based studies, to develop our Soccer Fitness training programs.  Our science-based approach means we only tell athletes to do things which have been scientifically proven to generate results.
    4. Customization and Periodization of Training
      Since all our Soccer Fitness athletes are assessed prior to the start of their training, all our Soccer Fitness programs are customized to the individual based on their test results.  Training programs are also periodized according to the athlete’s team training and game schedule, to facilitate peak athletic performance at the optimal time for each individual athlete.
    5. Athlete / Coach Education and Awareness
      Athletes and Coaches training at Soccer Fitness are given a means to educate themselves, by gaining access to our website Resources Area, as well as our Soccer Fitness Gols Blog and social media pages, containing articles, pictures, videos and other information on several important soccer and fitness related topics, including fitness testing, training, nutrition, and injury prevention.
    6. Enjoyment

The Soccer Fitness Training Model
SoccerFitnessTrainingModelAll Soccer Fitness programs are designed with the enjoyment of the athlete in mind.  Our combination of a professional, welcoming  atmosphere and highly qualified, knowledgeable, and personable staff ensures that all athletes enjoy the training process and want to continue to come back for more.

The Soccer Fitness Training Model breaks down the training process into four simple steps.  The Training Model was designed to ensure that all Soccer Fitness athletes receive a customized, periodized program, that is constantly being monitored (and updated as needed) by their Trainer.