“Hi Richard,

Working with you on the course was a tremendous learning opportunity. Thank you!”

“I think courses like this one are very much needed to become part of the standard youth coaching pathway starting with a Learn to Train level.”

Max Drozd,

Staff Coach, Newmarket Soccer Club

“Hi Richard,

Just wanted to say that the Soccer Fitness Trainer Diploma Course has been amazing thus far and exceeded any expectations I had. I think the material is very valuable and important for all coaches in our province to learn and apply to their sessions.”

“I really believe this should be part of the C license course.”

Marcelo Capozzolo

Technical Trainer and Staff Coach

Clarkson Soccer Club

“Hi Richard,

The video exercise activity provided some really useful feedback to myself as Assistant Coach and to my Head Coach with respect to the true level of player output on the practice field.”

“This Course was fantastic and I really want to thank you for all that you put into it as well as your enthusiasm!”

Daren Raoux

Participant, Ontario Soccer Fitness Trainer Diploma Course, Summer 2020


“The Soccer Fitness Diploma provided from Ontario Soccer should be a mandatory component in all coaching courses!”

“The biggest reason for this is its facilitator Richard Bucciarelli, having passion and a vast experience regarding energy systems, periodization of training load, physiology and biomechanics, and developing the overall fitness in athletes. Every aspect of the comprehensive development of coaches falls under core values. There is a buy–in from the coaches to believe, adapt and a collective culture of exceeding expectations as coaches. Richard is not only developing stronger, faster, and better conditioned athletes/coaches; but better young men and women.  I really enjoyed and learned a lot during the Course, and it has definitely helped me – I have already incorporated and adjusted my sessions based on what I learned.”

“Thank you Richard and Ontario Soccer, and I am looking forward to the Soccer Fitness Diploma Level 2!”

Christos Angelou

Technical Staff Coach, Brampton Youth Soccer Club

“Richard’s knowledge and passion for fitness training was very clear for everyone to see. It was a pleasure being able to learn from you.”

“I recommend this course to all coaches, not just fitness coaches.”

Samuel Guyeke-Amokao

Technical Director, Sporting FC Academy Toronto


“I’m really enjoying the Course! 

There are lots of “fitness” related ideas that I never considered when planning my team’s sessions, such as WRR (Work-to-Rest-Ratio) and the Principle of Specificity.”

“I would definitely recommend the Course to coaches who want to learn about fitness in soccer!”

Sam Blakeley

Coach, Niagara Soccer Skills Academy

Creator, 7-Minute Soccer Skills


“I really enjoyed the Level 1 Soccer Fitness Course. I found your expertise really valuable, both as a player and as a coach!”

Kayla Channer

Staff Coach, Georgetown Soccer Club




“Hi Richard,

Thank you so much for taking time today to share your knowledge, expertise and elite coaching experiences with our players and Coaching Staff.   The girls likely don’t know how fortunate they were to have someone simplify and clearly communicate complex training concepts.”

“We also appreciate your important points about the importance of fitness and sampling different positions.  We are incredibly fortunate to have someone with your background join us. “

Dr. Mark Bruner, PhD

Professor of Kinesiology and Health Science, Nipissing University

Assistant Coach, NDSC Lakers U13 Girls

“Hi Richard, thank you for sharing your knowledge in your Online Soccer Fitness Trainer’s Course!

I Recently completed this amazing online fitness course.  It provided great soccer-specific fitness information and was able to learn and implement the information and strategies learned from this course.”

“I highly recommend this course.  Looking forward to the next one!”

Rob Celebre

Assistant Coach, Nipissing University Lakers Men’s Soccer Team

Head Coach, NDSC Lakers U13 Girls 


“Hi Richard,

Your presentation on periodization is by far the best I have seen so far in coaching education courses and seminars.”


“It’s very important to make this topic and the math behind it easy to understand and implement for young coaches so that coaches feel confident using it during a season.”

Dr. Amin Hassanzadeh, PhD

Data Scientist, Arlington Soccer Association Coach

Academy Coach, Villareal Virginia Academy

“Great online fitness course! It is a well rounded online fitness course that provided content that is relevant and useful in my work. It had great information with practical videos.”

“As someone who coaches in the OPDL High Performance environment in Ontario I recommend this course to anyone who is serious about enhancing their knowledge and who want to continue their education.”


“Thanks to Richard and his team for providing access to the online platform in a way that is professional and and easy to navigate.”

Ian Sinclair 

Head Coach, Whitby FC, U17 Boys OPDL  

Head Coach, Whitby FC, U21 Mens League 1 Reserve

“I just completed the Online Soccer Fitness Trainer’s Course and it was very informative!”

“As a player myself, it was great to see all the in’s and out behind what goes into our training sessions.”

“Moving forward, I can’t always play footy so I wanted to taker this course to help in me getting my coaching and training career going.”

Alexandria Lamontagne

Player, Canadian Women’s National Team

FC Fleury 91, French Women’s First Division


“Hi Richard,

I just finished the online soccer fitness course. It was awesome, it was like a refresh course on my sports science degree as well.”

“Really enjoyed the course. Thank you for sharing it and I can’t wait for the next one!”

Leanne Forker

Coach/Player, Oakville Blue Devils, Ontario League 1 Women’s Division



“Thank you very much for all your help and feedback, and for a great course!”

“When the Level 3 Course comes out, count me in!”

Mark Colvin

Technical Staff

Toronto High Park Football Club


“Hi Richard,

I am very grateful for the training you provided, speaking on behalf of all the coaches and myself.  I have greatly benefited from this and I incorporate everything I learned from you in all my training sessions.”

“I believe you will help a lot of Canadian coaches and players that want to take their soccer experience to elite levels!”

“I am very happy to have met you.  Keep on doing what you do best!”

Dean James

Rep. Coach, Bradford City Soccer Club


“Hi Richard,

I really enjoyed this course – it was very insightful!”

“The information is very useful for developing sport-specific training programs for my soccer athletes to ensure they are progressing as best as they can.”

Caroline Myzyk

Certified Personal Trainer, Sport-Specific Strength and Agility Coach

Co-Founder of Apex Performance Fitness Inc.


“Richard, I have been involved in working with you since we did some work together with the Ontario Regional Program, almost 15 years ago, when you were just starting with your soccer specific fitness, and I LOVED IT!”

“Having done the Soccer Fitness Trainer Diploma Courses Levels 1 and 2, I  have learned so much on how to better plan my physical literacy training, and all physical macrocycles and microcycles with my players and teams.”

“I would like to thank everyone that has been involved in putting this together, Richard, Lyndon and Dave.  I recommend this Course to any Canadian soccer coach!”

Sam Medeiros

Head Coach, Pro Stars Football Club, Ontario League 1

Head Coach, Mississauga MetroStars, Major Arena Soccer League


“Taking the online soccer fitness course was very informative and helpful for coaches working within a club environment there was the right balance of challenge and learning broken down into easy to follow units that followed a logical order. I would recommend for any coach working with high performance players to take this course.”

Paul Harris

Technical Director, Ottawa South United Soccer Club


“Hi Richard,

I am writing this email to express my deep appreciation for your excellent tutoring last weekend.  We do learn so much from your coaching especially the super practice facilitation which make us know how to be an engaged, decisive, energetic and tailored great coach.  I feel that there is still a long way ahead for us to learn!”

Jingtao (Aron) Huang

Youth Soccer Coach, Guelph Soccer Club

Former Professional Player, Chinese Super League



“Pleased to have completed the Soccer Fitness Trainer Diploma Course Level 1!”

“I thoroughly enjoyed your delivery of the Level 1 Course, and learnt a lot.”

“Thank you Richard for your efforts throughout this Course.  I have made an application to register for the Level 2 Course, and am very much looking forward to registering and undertaking it this coming November.

Looking forward to seeing you then!”

Alfred Hess

Player, Darby FC (League 1 Ontario)

Coach, Whitby Iroquois Football Club

“On behalf of Royal York FC, I would like to thank you and Ontario Soccer for an awesome course!  Our coaches, including myself, had a great time and learned a lot!”

Kevin Eun

Staff Technical Coach

Royal York Football Club

“The Soccer Fitness Trainer’s Course was an awesome experience! The content is highly related to the standards I have seen in UEFA courses, with high quality information, plus perfect illustrations with video examples.”

“I would totally recommend this Course to my coaching colleagues!”

John Nexhipi

UEFA ‘B’ License

Head Coach, SC Toronto 2004 OPDL Girls / 2005 OPDL Boys

“I just wanted to send over a quick thanks for the Soccer Fitness Trainer’s Course!

It was extremely informative and helped me gain a better understanding of fitness specific to soccer. The chapter on periodization was very helpful and allowed me to grasp a better understanding of how to create session plans, not only according to where we are in our yearly training plan, but also in specific to the age of the athletes I am working with.  Not having completed an undergraduate degree in kinesiology, this course was beneficial in every-way possible to bring into my day-to-day coaching environment.”

“I would highly recommend the Soccer Fitness Trainer’s Course to coaches who are looking to bring their sessions to the next level and ensure they are educated across all platforms specific to soccer!”

Natalie Bukovec

Head Coach

Ryerson University Rams Women’s Varsity Soccer Team

“I just finished the Online Soccer Fitness Trainer’s Course and it was awesome!  It was wonderful to go over all the details you provided.  Simple and well said.”

“I really enjoyed the Course and I’m looking forward to attending the next Live one!”

Jeremy Ngameni

Youth Development Coach

Sockers FC Chicago

“First off I’d like to thank you very much for your Online Soccer Fitness Trainer’s Course!  The information was great and very useful for me.   As a graduate of McGill University in the Kinesiology and Physical Education department as well as a current holder of a National Strength and Conditioning Association Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) certification, the information provided was top class.”

“The practical sections and video examples are things that I never got in school or from other certifications, and that alone was worth the cost of the Course!”

“Thank you again, and I look forward to the Level 2 Course!”

Davide Salvoni

Head Physical Preparation Coach

Saint-Leonard Soccer Club

Saint-Leonard, Quebec

“I took the Soccer Fitness Trainer’s Course about a year ago, and I have nothing but positive things to say about the content, and Richards’s knowledge and enthusiasm.”

“All soccer coaches should consider taking this Course!”

Milton Neto

Technical Coach

Ottawa South United FC

“I highly recommend the Online Soccer Fitness Course to any coach/trainer that is wanting to push their players and team to new heights in the soccer game. The course gives you in-depth information, not only on the practical side of things but also the anatomy, physiology, and how the body functions when playing soccer.”

“I am from the UK and have been coaching in the US for over 5 years now and I have found this course extremely beneficial for my personal development and I have been able to adapt my conditioning training of my players and implemented a lot of exercises/drills this course provides.”

“Richard has stayed in constant contact with me throughout the course and has given me advise throughout which makes this course even more worth while.  The Online Soccer Fitness Trainer’s Course is definitely worth the money, and I certainly have no regrets!”

Dean Learmonth

Technical Coach

USA Sports Group Inc. 

“Hi Richard,

I wanted to follow up with you to tell you about how well my team has been doing since I took your Soccer Fitness Trainer’s Course this past winter.  We just lost for the first time in 15 games – 15 wins, 2 losses and 0 ties.”

“Our team is very fit and out-works / out-runs our opponents every week!”

“I also just completed my Canadian National ‘B’ License, and there was a fitness component.  I was very well prepared for it.  Thank you so much for all of your help and please keep me posted on your plans for future Courses!”

Anthony Corneli

Technical Staff Coach / Fitness Coach

CS Monteuil Soccer Club

Laval, Quebec

“Thank you Richard,

The course was great.”

“I learned a lot – the information and the documents were extremely helpful, and I can’t wait for the next step!”

Belachew Nemanga 

U15 Boys Head Coach

Canada First Soccer Academy

“Thank you Richard for the very informative and hands-on Course.”

“I am sure I speak for everyone that this opened up a lot of people’s minds in regards to training, rest and recovery.”

“Thanks again for the great sessions and look forward to future Courses like this!”

Daniel Sdao,

Technical Staff Coach

Sault Ste. Marie Soccer Club


I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for running your Soccer Fitness Trainer’s Course this past weekend.”

“I found it very valuable and am looking forward to implementing your methods with my team this season!”

Paul Burke

Academy Coach

Sarnia Football Club

“Hi Richard,

I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for the Course this weekend.”

“It is definitely something that all Canadian soccer coaches should take!”

“I will bring it up to my club and am looking forward to your future courses.”

Massimo Cataldi

Head Coach

Weston Wolves Soccer Club 2005 Boys


Hi Richard,

“The Soccer Fitness Trainer’s Course was one of the best I have taken!”

“I have utilized and implemented what I learned into my Winter Keeper Program in Barrie. So far the program has been very well received and the keepers really have taken to the Fitness portion. This is due in large part to you and the Course.

Although I have many years of experience of training, the course and you as an instructor made the content relatable and easy to implement. I have even used the methodologies learned into my own fitness regiment, with great results.”

Ian Beattie

Technical Staff / Goalkeeper Coach

Barrie Soccer Club

“Richard is great at developing training programs that target the specific goals for the specifically related sport. I was impressed with his knowledge and focus to ensure that each movement/program is executed properly.”

“I highly recommend the Soccer Fitness Trainer Course!!”

Josie Patera

Fitness Instructor, Bradford Soccer Club

“Hi Richard”

“This was the best course I have attended in a long time!  Thank you very much!”

Martine Eleuteri

Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Fitness Instructor, Certified Nutrition and Wellness Specialist

Owner, Mind Muscle Energy Fitness Studio 

“Hi Richard”,

“I had a great time this weekend – the Course was amazing!”  

“I also thoroughly enjoyed your teaching style (from a teacher and student standpoint).

Thank you so much!”

Melissa D’Angelo

Former Varsity Soccer Player, York University Lions Women’s Soccer Team

Teacher, Toronto Catholic District School Board

“Thank you Richard for all your efforts!  Your passion and thirst for knowledge is infectious.”

“I Highly recommend this course to anyone who is involved in the soccer community – not just coaches but parents as well!”

Elisa Crisolago

Parent, 2003-born soccer players

“Hi Richard,

“Your Course was amazing!”

I really respect the way you are giving aspiring coaches an opportunity to strive for what they want to achieve in life. Thank you so much for your efforts!”

Kyle Young

Coach, Erin Mills Soccer Club

“Richard, your Soccer Fitness Trainer’s Course was fantastic!”

“The course provided tools to further my personal development as a coach and bring back to the lab.”

“Rush Canada, Rush Jamaica and the Brampton Rush fully supports and endorses your program!”

Deon Kelly

Regional Director, Brampton Rush, Founder/President, Rush Jamaica Academy


“Great course!  The course touched on critical information necessary for the development of players – information not contained in technical coaching courses. Richard’s knowledge and passion for the game combined with outstanding guest speakers made this an enjoyable and very educational experience ”

“This is a topic every youth coach should be aware of, especially if players have aspirations beyond club soccer.”

Gary Tobin

Head Coach, Newmarket Soccer Club 2003 Girls


“This course provided me with more than I had signed up for.  Richard is very knowledgeable in his field, and his passion for soccer is infectious.  What I liked most about this course is the science behind the material.  The information provided is invaluable for anybody looking to continue to develop the performance of soccer players from grass-root levels to professional athletes.”

“I would recommend this course 100%”

Mike Savage

Strength and Conditioning Coach, Toronto Athletic Club, Toronto, Onrtario


“Youth soccer coaches are charged with the responsibility to develop players. In order to help these athletes reach their full potential, one needs to know why and how the body works and reacts to certain stimuli. The Soccer Fitness Trainer’s Course is key to understanding the relationship between the body and the game we love: soccer. With Richard’s meticulous on field and classroom sessions, one learns why it is important to know the human body in order to train it to compete.”

“Any coach who is dedicated to their own professional development and who cares about their athletes needs to take the Soccer Fitness Trainer’s Course.”

Dani McKay

U12 Girls Rep. Coach, U13 Girls OPDL Coach, Burlington Youth Soccer Club

“The Soccer Fitness Trainer’s Course was one of the best courses I have taken, so informative and step-by-step teachings of how to train soccer players including biomechanics and the science behind it all.”

“I am so excited to start implementing and training soccer players.”

It was something I’ve always wanted to do.

Natalie Valencia

Girls’ Head Coach

Erin Mills Soccer Club

“Having completed the Soccer Fitness Trainer’s course, I now have a far deeper understanding of the importance and application of proper fitness training for the players that I coach.

When I had first heard about the course, I knew I just had to do it, and going in, I believed that it would change the way I coach for the better.  I expected great things from this course.  Too often, courses, etc. tend to fall somewhat short of expectations.  In this case however, my expectations proved to fall far shorter than what the course actually provided.”

“Richard taught us information that went far further than what I could have expected, in a way that was manageable and understandable.  I highly recommend the Soccer Fitness Trainer’s Course.”

“Thank you Richard for making this course available!”

Rich Cowan

Head Coach, Girls U16

Kingston Clippers Soccer Club

“What a great weekend of learning with Richard from Soccer Fitness! This is one of the first courses I have attended where everything is science-  and evidence-based, with proper data and references to recent studies about soccer. The material was well presented and organised, so it helps people ranging from beginners to even advanced level coaches and fitness trainers to understand it, and then be able to utilise it for their needs.”

“As a fitness trainer and gym owner who works with all level of athletes and clientele, I can utilise the materials from this weekend to provide better knowledge and service that can better my clients.”

“Thank you once again Richard.”

Atif Khedri (Coach AK)

Owner, Strength and Conditioning Coach, AK Playground

“Hi Richard,


Thank you for the course – it was very enjoyable. You have taken your research and background in sport science and made it very practical to the sport of soccer.”

“I am confident that what I have learned will allow me to bring my players to a higher level of performance.”

“Thank you!”

Mario Artukovic, CSCS

Strength and Conditioning Coach and Kinesiologist

“Hello Richard!

I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of the course! I learned so much valuable information.”

“I don’t have a science background yet I was able to understand everything!”

“I love how the course is laid out as it is very thorough. It was great to have the practical part as it put everything together. Thank you again!!”

Natalie Valencia

Girls Rep. Coach, Erin Mills Soccer Club




I can’t thank you enough for putting this course together. I know it takes a great deal of preparation to put together a course of this nature.

Your information was outstanding and the in depth analysis into each component of the program was great. What came across, for me, was your knowledge and passion for the subject matter. You really put your heart into making sure that each of us came away from the course with the information that we need to ensure that our athletes are fit and physically prepared for the sport of soccer. I also really appreciated Farzad’s presentation.”

“I am far more knowledgeable and confident in preparing my players for the upcoming season!”

Thanks again & Best Wishes,

Peter Polillo

Head Coach, Hamilton Elite SC U14 Girls


“Hi Richard,

Thank you for very much – the course was awesome! The content was relevant and delivered well. I particularly enjoyed the season periodization and the work to rest ratio. It puts in perspective how to maximize the practice time we have players.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed the course.”

Gavin Fredericks

Technical Staff Coach, Pickering Soccer Club


“Hi Richard.

Thanks for everything you did for that course it was well worth it.”

“Very informative and I got more out of it than I ever expected to!”

Adam Whitehead

Pickering Soccer Club Technical Staff

Pickering Soccer Club Head Goalkeeper Coach

Pickering Soccer Club Head OPDL Goalkeeper Coach

Durham Region Soccer Association Boys and Girls Assistant coach 


“Hi Richard,

thanks again for the Fitness Course, it was really helpful and eye-opening in a lot of ways for us coaches.  I will recommend it to my staff and co-workers.”

Marcelo Lacuesta

Technical Staff, Etobicoke Youth Soccer Club