Running  Gait Analysis is delivered using our Dartfish caera-based video analysis software.  Running Gait Analysis allows athletes to see for themselves any possible mistakes or imbalances that exist in their running gait, and receive video and corrective feedback so that corrections and improvements can be made.

Running Gait Analysis examines 5 key aspects of the running stride:

  1. Foot-Strike: The moment when the foot makes contact with the ground.  Part of the foot, as well as angle of the ankle and lower leg, are analysed.
  2. Hip Flexion: The elevation of the knees while running.  The angle of hip flexion, as well as the position of the ankle, knee and hip joints, are analysed.
  3. Pelvic Tilt: Detection and measurement of tilt occurring in the pelvis.  Direction and magnitude of pelvis tilt are analysed.
  4. Trunk Angle: Position of the trunk relative to the lower body.  Direction and angle of the trunk are analysed.
  5. Arm Swing: Movement of the arms while running.  Shoulder range of motion, as well as action at the shoulder, elbow, and wrist joints, is analysed.

A Dartfish Media-Book will be given to each athlete who purchases our Advanced Video Running Gait Analysis.

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