We are pleased to announce that Soccer Fitness will be offering FREE FIFA 11+ Coach Education Seminars to Ontario Soccer Association sanctioned clubs and academies across the Greater Toronto Area.  The topic and scope of the Seminar will be to introduce the FIFA 11+, a soccer-specific warm-up protocol endorsed by FIFA and proven to reduce the risk of injuries in soccer players.  The Ontario Soccer Association has partnered with Bone and Joint Canada, who have contacted Soccer Fitness Inc. to provide coach and player education with the ultimate goal to get clubs across Ontario to begin to implement the FIFA 11+ into their pre-training and pre-game warm-up protocols.  The FIFA 11+ is a quick, efficient, and effective tool that can dramatically reduce your players’ risk of injuries and improve their performance on the pitch.

The Soccer Fitness FIFA 11+ Coach Education Seminar can be scheduled at your Club’s location, or at a separate venue.

Contact Soccer Fitness to learn more about our FIFA 11+ Coach Education Seminar.

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