This area of the Member’s area showcases soccer-specific research conducted by Soccer Fitness Staff:

  1. Effectiveness of treadmill vs ground based repeated sprint training on sprint time and high intensity running ability in youth female soccer players. (Published in International Research in Science and Soccer II, 2015)
  2. Determining a Recommended Age of Using Repeated Sprints Tests on Canadian Youth Soccer Players:  Thomas, Rupf, Bucciarelli, Naim, 2008 (Presented at 1st World Conference on Science and Soccer, Liverpool, England, 2008)
  3. Speed and High Intensity Running Ability of Female Soccer Players of Different Standards of Play: Rupf, Bucciarelli, Pacione, Yang, Vescovi, 2010 (Presented at 2nd World Conference on Science and Soccer, Port Elizabeth, South Africa, 2010)
  4. A Longitudinal Analysis of Speed Characteristics for Talented Youth Female Soccer Players in Canada: Rupf, Pacione, Bucciarelli, 2011 (Presented at 7th World Congress on Science and Football, Nagoya, Japan, 2011)
  5. Soccer-Specific, On-Field Strength and Conditioning Training with the Ball (Presented at 4th Annual National Soccer Coaching Conference, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, 2014)
  6. Effectiveness of Treadmill Versus Ground-Based Repeated Sprint Training on Sprint Time and Hihg Intensity Running Ability In Youth Female Soccer Players (Presented at 4th World Conference on Science and Soccer, Portland, Oregon, 2014).
  7. Effectiveness Of Treadmill Versus Ground-Based Over-Speed Training On Speed, Power, And High Intensity Running Ability In Elite Youth Female Soccer Players: A Pilot Study (Presented at 8th World Congress on Science and Football, Copenhagen, Denmark, 2015).