Soccer Fitness’ new article “Resisted Sprinting Methods – Which One is Best?” has been published in the latest Issue of Inside SOCCER Magazine (#91, June/July 2011).  This article showcases one of the unique training tools offered in our Soccer Fitness Training Centre – Running Cords – and compares them to some other conventional resisted sprint training tools.  Offered exclusively (in Canada) at the Soccer Fitness Training Centre, Running Cord training allows athletes to run with resistance to their core, hip flexors, and knee extensors,  all without altering their normal running stride and biomechanics.

“We have been excited about these Running Cords since we opened in January, and to have the opportunity to share information about them  – including the results of a scientific study which used a similar loading device – with the Inside SOCCER readers is a bonus”, commented Richard Bucciarelli, President of Soccer Fitness.  “Hopefully this article will bring even more exposure and interest from the readers of Inside SOCCER magazine to this unique training method.”

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