Soccer Fitness President Richard Bucciarelli’s article Using Treadmills to Improve Sprinting: a Pilot Study by Soccer Fitness” has been published in the latest issue (#103: August/September, 2013) of Inside Soccer Magazine.  The article comprises a summary of Soccer Fitness’ recent research study, undertaken by Richard, as well as Soccer Fitness Head Trainer Matija Vugrinicek, and SC Toronto Club Head Coach Justin Cresser, to look into the effects of a repeated sprint training protocol involving the Soccer Fitness high speed/high incline running treadmill protocols used in the Soccer Fitness Training Centre.  The study, which compared a 6-week treadmill training protocol to a 6-week “ground-based” protocol, found that the treadmill training elicited significant improvements in running speed, along with similar improvements in endurance, as opposed to the ground-based protocol.  “I was very pleased with the results of our study”, commented Richard.  “And I am even more pleased to have the opportunity to share these results with the readers of Inside Soccer Magazine.”  “We have known for years that our treadmill training protocols were very effective at improving speed and endurance in soccer players, however, now for the first time we have been able to prove scientifically just how effective this type of training really is.”


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