Over the past few months, Soccer Fitness Inc. has undergone some major changes, and we wanted to take a moment to share the updates with you.  We are pleased and excited to bring you the following 4 announcements:

  1. Opening of our Brand New Facility
  2. Free Trial Offer
  3. State of the Art Training Equipment
  4. Qualified Line-up of Trainers

1. Brand New Facility:

We are extremely proud and excited to announce the grand opening of our brand new, state-of-the-art, 1500 square-foot, soccer-specific training facility, the Soccer Fitness Training Centre, on January 8-9, 2011.

The centre is located inside the Trio Sportsplex, Vaughan’s premier indoor soccer facility, at 601 Cityview Boulevard, conveniently located just west of Highway 400, off of Teston Road.

Our Centre will be home to our newly implemented Treadmill, Plyometric, and Functional Strength Training protocols, all of which have been developed and tested in national and international sports science laboratories over the past 5 years.  These programs will be combined with our already established Team Training and Power Running protocols, to form a comprehensive, periodized, soccer-specific training program unlike any other being offered in the Greater Toronto Area today.

2. Free Trial Offer:

As part of our grand opening, we are offering a FREE TRIAL SESSION to all athletes during the months of January and February, 2011.  Come by our facility, give us a call, or send us an email to book your free trial today!

3. State of the Art Training Equipment:

Our Centre will offer soccer players the unique opportunity to train using the latest and most advanced equipment and programs in the country, including:

–        Woodway Pro-XL sprint treadmill:

o      max speed 16mph

o      max incline 25%

o      revolutionary ball-bearing suspension system for optimal shock absorption

–        Noramco HS Elite High Speed Treadmill:

o      max speed 30mph

o      max incline 40%

o      unique harness system allows for 360-degree running and safe overspeed running

–        Plyometric Flooring and Power Plyo Boxes:

o      advanced and durable plywood design for optimal ground reaction force while jumping

o      layered height design allows for both “quick feet”, and “power” plyometric exercises

–        Soccer Cords

o      revolutionary, patented design to allow for segmented loading to the leg muscles while running and kicking soccer balls

–        Dartfish Video Analysis Software

o      Exclusive software used to assess, and correct, movement mechanics while walking, running, and performing soccer-specific movements

–        Brower Electronic Timing System

o      Laser timers used to assess speed, and speed endurance, with minimal errors

4. Qualified Line-up of Trainers:

In addition to our training programs and services, we have also assembled a staff of some of the most highly qualified fitness professionals in the country to deliver our programs, including:

–        University educated (Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees) Physiologists

–        Nationally and Internationally certified Trainers and Strength and Conditioning Specialists

–        Nationally and Internationally Licensed Soccer Coaches

–        Former Varsity and Semi-Professional Soccer Players

Please visit our Services section, or Contact Soccer Fitness to for more information about the Soccer Fitness Training Centre.