Soccer Fitness is pleased to announce a new partnership with Red Nation On-Line Magazine, Canada’s leading on-line soccer publication.  Starting in August, 2011, we will be providing both written and video content for the magazine.  Our column, called “The Training Edge with Richard Bucciarelli”, will feature bi-monthly articles on various soccer and fitness related topics.   Our newest article, “The Importance of Monitoring Training, Rest, and recovery in Soccer”, was published this morning, Wednesday, August 24, and contains practical tools and information that coaches and fitness trainers can use to monitor their athlete’s training sessions, as well as their rest and recovery activities.  “I am very excited at the opportunity to write for Red Nation Online”, commented Richard Bucciarelli, President of Soccer Fitness Inc.  “The site caters to a diverse audience of Canadian soccer fans, and I am looking forward to sharing soccer-specific fitness testing, training, and sport/exercise science related content with them.”

Click HERE to check out “The Training Edge with Richard Bucciarelli” at Red Nation On-Line.