Soccer Fitness’ article “7th World Congress on Science and Football” has been published in the latest issue of Inside Soccer Magazine (Issue #92, August/September 2011).  The article features a review of our presentation at the Congress, held in Nagoya, Japan, and an event which brings together the world’s leading soccer coaches, trainers, physiologists, academics, and sports scientists, every four years.  “It is a great honor for our presentation to be featured in the magazine”, commented Richard Bucciarelli, President of Soccer Fitness Inc.  “I also have to thank Paolo Pacione, Strength and Conditioning Coach for the Ontario Soccer Association, and Robert Rupf, Exercise Physiologist with the Canadian Sports Centre, without whom this project, and our trip to Japan, would not have been possible.”

The research project, titled “A Longitudinal Analysis of Speed Characteristics in Elite Female Soccer Players in Canada”, was the first part of a pilot study conducted to examine the differences in speed and high intensity running abilities between National Team players, and players with Provincial and National Training Centres in Canada.  This research is important for coaches and fitness trainers, because it will give them feedback as to whether or not their selection criteria, and/or their training programs, are optimal for identifying and developing elite athletes in this country.


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