Soccer Fitness’ new article “Soccer With Heart” has been published in Inside Soccer Magazine Issue #98 (Otober/November 2012).  The article is centred around a revolutionary new technology used for heart rate monitoring, which will be a feature of training in the Soccer Fitness Training Centre in 2013.  The Alpha Heart Rate Watch, which uses electro-optical technology that shines a light through the skin in the wrist and measures impedance of the light, can accurately read athletes’ exercising heart rates at running speeds up to 20 miles per hour.  Even more impressive is that the watch is fully functional without the use of a chest strap or finger sensors, making it the most convenient and easy to use heart rate monitor on the market today.  “I am pleased to have the opportunity to give readers of Inside Soccer Magazine a sneak peek at the Alpha Watch and its unique applications to the training we do at Soccer Fitness”, commented Richard Bucciarelli, President of Soccer Fitness Inc.  “All of our staff, including myself, are very excited for the watches to arrive at our Centre, and I’m sure that our athletes are as well!”  The Alpha Heart Rate Watch will be used during Treadmill Training sessions at the Soccer Fitness Training Centre beginning in January, 2013.  To view the article from the latest issue of Inside Soccer Magazine, click HERE to visit the “Articles” section of our website Member’s Area.