Soccer Fitness’ new article “The Right Training Environment Makes All the Difference” has been published in Inside Soccer Magazine’s Issue #102 (June/July 2013).  This article showcases some of the research Richard Bucciarelli has done comparing improvements in fitness test results between athletes training in the Soccer Fitness Training Centre, and members of the TFC Academy teams.  The research has indicated that, with a similar 6-week aerobic training protocol, players in the TFC Academy have shown a significant difference in improvement of aerobic fitness as compared to Soccer Fitness Training Centre clients.  Because the aerobic training these two groups of athletes do is very similar, it is suggested in the article that the reason for the greater improvements seen with TFC Academy players is due to their more intense training environment.  “I am happy to have the opportunity to showcase my findings in Inside Soccer Magazine”, commented Richard.  “I have seen first hand the importance of a competitive, intense training environment, and I believe coaches and players in the club and academy systems will find this information very helpful to them in the planning and implementation of future fitness training and testing.”

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