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The Soccer Fitness Trainer’s Course is a unique coach-education program that combines theoretical lectures in the sports sciences, with the practical and soccer-specific application of these sciences.  Fitness professionals and/or soccer coaches who take the Soccer Fitness Trainer’s Course will learn how to plan and implement year-round soccer-specific fitness training programs for their teams.

Next Edition:  Run through Ontario Soccer, November 16th, December 14th, 2019

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Online Course

Our online course brings all of the incredible theoretical and practical content from the live Soccer Fitness Trainer’s Course into a convenient online learning environment.  Our aim with this Course is to reach soccer coaches with an interest in fitness, or fitness coaches with an interest in soccer, from all over the world.

Our online course is available through our unique Course Craft online platform, for only $200 CAD.  Since it is delivered 100% online, you can access the Course and complete the lessons wherever you are, all over the world!

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Course Overview


Aimed at fitness professionals and/or soccer coaches looking to increase their knowledge and practical skills in the design and implementation of soccer-specific on-field fitness training, the Soccer Fitness Trainer’s Course is a one-of-a-kind educational experience that allows you to earn Continuing Education Credits towards renewal and re-certification with Ontario Soccer, CanFitPro, the National Strength and Conditioning Association, and the National Academy of Sports Medicine.

Central to the Course is the teaching of Soccer Fitness’ 60-Minute Soccer-Specific On-Field Fitness Session.  We have used and continue to use these comprehensive 1-hour sessions in all of our On-Field Training programs, with teams ranging from U10-U18 rep./academy, the Ontario Provincial/Canadian National Teams, the Toronto FC Academy teams, and professional soccer clubs abroad.  The basic format and structure of the Soccer Fitness 60-Minute Soccer-Specific On-Field Fitness Session, which is described and taught in detail during the Course, is as follows:

  • 0-15 minutes: Soccer-Specific Warm-Up
  • 16-30 minutes: Soccer-Specific Coordination Training
  • 31-45 minutes: Soccer-Specific Energy System Training
  • 46-60 minutes: Soccer-Specific Strength Training

Other topics covered in the course include anatomy, physiology, biomechanics, and motor learning specific to the sport of soccer, as well as modules on fitness assessment, periodization of training, injury prevention, and specific youth soccer training.   Fitness professionals with an interest in working with soccer players will come away from the Course with a much better understanding of how to make all aspects of their training programs more specific to the sport of soccer.  Soccer coaches who are working with players at any age or level of ability will come away from the Course with valuable knowledge and skills that will allow them to successfully plan and implement physical fitness exercises into their practices, and they will also learn how to integrate fitness work within their regular technical/tactical training sessions.

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