The One Most Overlooked Injury Risk Factor in Female Soccer – and What Coaches Can Do About It

Female soccer players are – and have always been – at a high risk of sustaining injuries, especially during their teenage years. Numerous causal factors for this high injury risk have been described and documented in scientific literature, among them the anatomical changes that occur in females’ bodies post-puberty, such as a widening of the [...]

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In Soccer – As In Life – it Doesn’t Pay to ‘Go With Your Gut’

Imagine this scenario: you coach two players who compete for a starting spot at right fullback. In the past four pre-season matches, both players have had equal playing time, and each has started two out of the four matches. One of the players – let’s call him player “A” – has played well overall in [...]

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3 Ways Fitness Helped Croatia at the 2018 FIFA World Cup

On Sunday, July 15th, in front of a packed crowd at Moscow’s Luzhinski Stadium, the French National Soccer Team won their second FIFW World Cup, beating Croatia – who were making their first-ever appearance at an international final of any kind – by a final score of 4-2. It was an entertaining match which included [...]

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3 Things You MUST Do If You Are Injured – Gols Video Blog #70: 1/26/2018

Hi Everyone, Happy New Year! In this edition of the Soccer Fitness Gols Video Blog, I discuss soccer injuries, what soccer players should do if and when they are injured, and we provide specific suggestions to keep players integrated into training and match play when they cannot fully participate. Hope you like it and as [...]

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Learn to Train Your Players the Soccer Fitness Way

SOCCER FITNESS TRAINER'S COURSE Live Course The Soccer Fitness Trainer’s Course is a unique coach-education program that combines theoretical lectures in the sports sciences, with the practical and soccer-specific application of these sciences.  Fitness professionals and/or soccer coaches who take the Soccer Fitness Trainer’s Course will learn how to plan and implement year-round soccer-specific fitness [...]

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