The One Most Overlooked Injury Risk Factor in Female Soccer – and What Coaches Can Do About It

Female soccer players are – and have always been – at a high risk of sustaining injuries, especially during their teenage years. Numerous causal factors for this high injury risk have been described and documented in scientific literature, among them the anatomical changes that occur in females’ bodies post-puberty, such as a widening of the [...]

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3 Things You MUST Do If You Are Injured – Gols Video Blog #70: 1/26/2018

Hi Everyone, Happy New Year! In this edition of the Soccer Fitness Gols Video Blog, I discuss soccer injuries, what soccer players should do if and when they are injured, and we provide specific suggestions to keep players integrated into training and match play when they cannot fully participate. Hope you like it and as [...]

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How Canadian College and University Soccer Is STILL Hurting Young Soccer Players – And What Can Be Done to Change It

It’s hard to believe, but I originally wrote a very similar article to the one you are about to read, exactly 2 years ago (in early November, 2015).  Much to my disappointment, since that time nothing has changed in the Ontario and Canadian inter-university soccer competitive schedules. The original article, which was published here on [...]

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How Canadian University Soccer is STILL Hurting Young Soccer Players – Soccer Fitness Gols Video Bog #57: 10/28/2017

Hi Everyone, In this edition of the Soccer Fitness Gols Video Blog, I discuss the congested schedule of the regular season and play-offs in Ontario and Canadian university soccer, and the inherent problems associated with making adult players consistently play more than 1 competitive, 90+ minute match per week. I hope you like it and [...]

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Explaining Our Research – Part 2 – Preventing Knee Injuries and Improving Performance in Female Soccer Players

One of the best things about attending the 5th World Conference on Science and Soccer was the opportunity to share and discuss my research with other academics, sports scientists and fitness coaches.  In this series of short articles, I will summarise and discuss each of the three different research projects that our team from Soccer [...]

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How to Properly Stretch Your Calf: Gols Video Blog #26

In our latest Gols Video Blog, learn how to properly stretch the often tight and sometimes injured muscles of the lower leg, the gastrocnemeus and soleus. Hope you like it and as always, please feel free to share your thoughts!

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How To Deal With Osgoode Schlatter's Disease in Soccer – SFG Video Blog #25: 4/8/2016

Today in our Video Blog, we discuss some strategies to help soccer players manage (and strengthen muscles to reduce the pain associated with Osgoode Schlatter's disease, one of the most common injuries that affects youth soccer players. Hope you like it, and as always please feel free to post your thoughts/comments!

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The Science Behind 1 Match Per-Week

Last week in our blog, I discussed how the Canadian college and university soccer regular season and play-off schedules are hurting the development and long-term health of players by forcing them to play 2, and sometimes even 3, full 90+ minute matches per week, over a 10-12 week time period.  This post garnered a large [...]

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Soccer Fitness Gols Video Blog #9: Friday, November 6th, 2015

Hi everyone, Welcome to the next edition of the Soccer Fitness Gols Video Blog. In this Blog, I will be providing weekly video content relating to all things soccer and fitness. In this edition, I discuss problems associated with the North American College and University soccer schedules, including accumulation of fatigue and higher injury rates due [...]

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Head Injuries in Soccer

In my present Advanced Exercise Physiology class, we were asked to write a small article discussing head injuries in our sport of choice.  For me, of course, there was no choice of which sport to write about!  Below is my report.  Of note in this report is that the commonly recommended "secondary prevention" method of [...]

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